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An Introduction...

My floral journey began exploring the foothills of the small town I grew up in; collecting sticks and rocks and sneaking a few flowers from the neighbor's overflowing gardens. Springtime felt like a celebration and we would make a big trip to the greenhouse and grab an ice cream after spending hours in the sunshine. Working with my hands and creating is something that has always brought me peace and clarity. Roughage Floral is the product and creative outlet of a recovering healthcare worker during the Pandemic. My name is Amber and I reside in Denver, Colorado where my studio is sweetly tucked into our old bungalow.  I can often be found eating sweets, drinking coffee and wine (typically in that order) and enjoying nature with my husband and our very large mutt, Morris aka "Porch Kitty".  Our son Reid was born in July, 2023. His curiosity and wonder has reminded me to take time to sit and explore things in nature and really appreciate their beauty in the simplest forms.  I feel so grateful for this life!



Roughage Floral specializes in elopements, intimate weddings and events.  We are sincerely inspired by the evolving Colorado environment and my interactions with each of you. 

 As the seasons permit, we use as many locally sourced flowers and plants to create the freshest and most naturally inspired designs. We strive to bring a reflection of beauty mixed in with something unexpected - an object found, a juxtaposition of elements that were carefully chosen and that wild stem that brings them all the personality. 


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